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UK Music Trading
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buying and selling cds, cassettes and vinyl
This community has moderated membership, and is exclusively for buying and selling music. Any kind of music may be sold, but it MUST be on a format which is solid.

The following rules apply to posting sales/wants posts and anything off-topic

1. Only members may post or reply to posts.
2. You may only post once within 24 hours. This may change as and when more members join.
3. Reposts can be made once a week only.
4. Any lists longer than 5 items must be under a cut.
5. You may include photos, but any outside the cut cannot be larger than 300x300.
6. Feedback is not mandatory but is encouraged. There will be a separate post created to leave feedback in. I will endeavour to update it once a fortnight.
7. I will absolutely not tolerate any selling of burned cds, or links for uploading songs which otherwise would need to be paid for. You may however post links to free songs or remixes.
8. Wants posts may be made, but no more than 3 in a week. They can be combined with your selling post, but (at the moment) it is fine to post just a wants list, as long as you adhere to the 24 hour rule.
9. off topic posts must also follow the 24 hour rule.
10. Membership is based on your personal journal status, and your selling community/ebay feedback.
11. ebay/amazon links are allowed, but can only be posted in with another sales post, and must show ONLY your music items for sale.
- to make an ebay link which only shows your music items, copy the following, replacing USERNAME with your user name.
- i'm trying to work out how to do the same for amazon
12. if you are in other selling comms, please think about other members and try not to cross-post too much.
13 permitted items are - cds, vinyl, cassettes, dvds & videos (as long as they are music related, such as video collections or live shows), books (again, as long as they are music related, such as biographies, tour programmes), concert tickets (at face value only - if you want to rip people off, use ebay) and any music related merchandise such as t-shirts, badges, patches, posters and so on (please use your common sense on this)