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i really, really would like 'Big shots' by Charizma and Peanut butter Wolf - my brother gave me 2 tracks off it, and now i'd really like the whole thing. also, maybe anything else cheap by charizma or peanut butter wolf on their own

i also have other wants, i'm going to update this post with in a minute :)

new stuff for sale

This is a mammoth list, with more to follow. Ask for prices, although i doubt there'll be anything more than a fiver, and i'll do deals for more than one. Prices will be based on Amazon prices, not what i think they should be. I won't be listing these anywhere else, what doesn't sell here is going on Amazon.

first ever post - join in

ok, so this is the first sales/wants post on this community. i hope i haven't broken any of my own rules :D

prices include postage but not fees, and i'm up for trades, for just about anything, i like trying new stuff. there are wants at the bottom, but i honestly will look at anything.

for now it's all cds, but i have vinyl too i might endeavour to post in a couple of days with photos. for now, try and help me swap for new music, i need some!

i think that might do for now. i can trade for music (or other stuff) and i have some paypal funds. i base my prices on amazon, and i'll base my buying offers on amazon too

5th Sep, 2007

Welcome to Uk Music trades.

This community has been started as a dedicated selling community for music only.

Please see the community info for rules regarding sales and membership.


Please post feedback for users on this entry. Please put the username in the subject line for easy searching until we have a more elaborate system 


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