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Pesky Clo

first ever post - join in

ok, so this is the first sales/wants post on this community. i hope i haven't broken any of my own rules :D

prices include postage but not fees, and i'm up for trades, for just about anything, i like trying new stuff. there are wants at the bottom, but i honestly will look at anything.

for now it's all cds, but i have vinyl too i might endeavour to post in a couple of days with photos. for now, try and help me swap for new music, i need some!

1. volume 1 (CD and book) - £6  see here for more information and tracklisting
2. best of ella fitzgerald (2 cd) - £1
3. nicotine and gravy by beck - £1
4. sissyneck by beck - £1
5. ssx3 soundtrack- £2
6. dodgy album by dodgy - £1
7. good feeling by travis - £1
8. fingertip saint sessions by brave captain - £1
9. phantasties by stephen malkmus - £1
10. ten songs about you by ben and jason - £1
11. ima robot (s/t) - £1
12. everybody knows cd1 and cd3 by the divine comedy - £1 each
13. bring me the head of papa garcia - £1
14. the closer you get by six by seven - £2
15. schmack - steriogram (cd) - £2
16. rufus wainwright - want two (i'm such a div, i got this forgetting i'm after want ONE) (cd and dvd) - £5

wants - on cd only please (i've got some on vinyl already)

1. rufus wainwright - want one
2. that petrol emotion - manic pop thrill (desperate for this one!)
3. that petrol emotion - babble (desperate for this one!)
4. any gil scott heron
5. any michael franti/spearhead
6. gomez - on our gun
7. any aqualung
8. any 'we know where you live'
9. veruca salt - american thighs
10. gomez - split the difference
11. credit to the nation - take dis
12. new athlete album
13. new hard-fi album
14. pop will eat itself - now for a feast (desperate for this one!)
15. ben kweller - sha sha
16. levitation cds (i have the vinyl i want it on cd)
17. jah wobble - becoming more like god (desperate for this one!)
18. mambo taxi - in love with
19. hue and cry - seduced and abandoned (desperate for this one!)
20. kinky machine - kinky machine
21. blab happy - boat
22. pusherman - floored
23. renaldo and the laof - the elbow is taboo
24. the residents - freak show (desperate for this one!)
25. smash - self abused
26. foetus - nail (desperate for this one!)
27. anything by blakes babies

i think that might do for now. i can trade for music (or other stuff) and i have some paypal funds. i base my prices on amazon, and i'll base my buying offers on amazon too
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