Sharon -M- (halocaustic) wrote in uk_music_trades,
Sharon -M-

Is anyone here a fan of 60's rock and collects vinyl?

I have a pile of original 7" releases from The Kinks, The Small Faces, Hendrix, The Beatles, The Who and some other random bits n' bobs.

Some of them aren't in the greatest condition, but they all play mostly okay apart from surface crackling (one or two seem to jump at the end of the song for some reason :/).
I have a medium weight needle on my record player so I think they'd be fine with a heavyweight needle (or what I used to to was put a 10p coin on the top of the needle).
None of the scratches are really deep or affect the whole record.

Because they're not in perfect condition, they're probably not worth much to the hardcore collectors even though some of them are utter classics like My Generation and Pinball Wizard.

They could even be used for crafting purposes, I've seen people make stuff from vinyl before on TSUK. With these you could craft with classics!

Anyway, if anyone's interested let me know.
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