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CDs for sale

If the CDs say 'On hold', please feel free to ask after them just in case the sale doesn't go ahead. Prices will be based on Amazon, but will mostly be £2 each plus postage


Beck - mutations
Beck - Midnite Vultures
Cage the elephant - self titled
Circus of power - still alive
Ray Davies - Working Man's Cafe  ( from the times)
The Divine Comedy - Liberation
The Divine Comedy - Casanova
The Divine Comedy - short album about love
The Divine Comedy - fin de siecle
The Divine Comedy - regeneration
Feeder - Swim - ON HOLD
Feeder - Echo park
Foo Fighters - self titled
Foo fighters - there is nothing left to lose
Gun - Swagger
H - ice cream genius (no back cover)
Judgement Night original soundtrack
The Killers - Sam's Town - ON HOLD
Kitchens of Distinction - love is hell - ON HOLD
Kitchens of Distinction - strange free world - ON HOLD
Kitchens of Distinction - death of cool - ON HOLD
Kitchens of Distinction - cowboys and aliens - ON HOLD
Live - Mental Jewellery
Live - Throwing Copper
Live - Secret Samadi
Nirvana - In Utero
Nirvana - unplugged
Nirvana - incesticide
Nirvana - from the muddy banks of the wishkah
ocean's eleven soundtrack
Oh brother where art thou? soundtrack
Pearl Jam - No Code (limited edition)
Pearl Jam - Binaural
Pearl jam - live on two legs
Pearl jam - Yield
The Police - outlandos d'amour
The Police - regatta de blanc
The Police - zenyatta mondatta
The Police - ghost in the machine
The Police - synchronicity
Presidents of the USA - 1 and 2 (boxset)
Prince - Purple Rain
Public Enemy - power to the people (greatest hits) - ON HOLD
Raconteurs - broken boy soldiers
Rem - best of the IRS years
REM - automatic for the people
REM - out of time
Spin Doctors - pocketfull of Kyrptonite
Sum 41 - all killer no filler
The the - burning blue soul
the The - Dusk
The The - Hanky Panky
The The - Naked Self
Rufus Wainwright - release the stars
White Stripes - elephant - ON HOLD
white stripes - get behind me satan
White stripes - icky thump - ON HOLD
Stevie Wonder - the definitive collection (2 disc)

CDs wanted!

Does anyone have any of the below CDs for sale? Needs to be cheaper than Amazon+postage once your postage+fees are added. Probably not looking to pay more than about £5 for any of them as I'm in the middle of hard-copy replacing a bucket load of stuff that I lost during a hard drive FAILure.

This Hungry Life ~ Tanya Donelly
Lovesongs for Underdogs ~ Tanya Donelly
The Magic Position ~ Patrick Wolf
Excuses For Travellers ~ Mojave 3
Vampire Weekend ~ Vampire Weekend
Revolver ~ The Beatles
Give Up ~ Postal Service
Do You Trust Your Friends ~ Stars
In Our Bedrooms, After The War/Limited Edition ~ Stars
Mountain Battles ~ Breeders
Medulla ~ Bjork
Volta ~ Bjork
Vespertine ~ Bjork
How Strange, Innocence ~ Explosions In The Sky
Those Who Tell the Truth ~ Explosions In The Sky
Sings Greatest Palace Music ~ Will Oldham
I See a Darkness ~ Will Oldham
Master and Everyone ~ Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

Or show me any CDs you currently have for sale? I'd prefer it if you could just list the ones you have in the comments so I can read the list in my email, rather than trawling through people's tags ;)

(no subject)

Is anyone here a fan of 60's rock and collects vinyl?

I have a pile of original 7" releases from The Kinks, The Small Faces, Hendrix, The Beatles, The Who and some other random bits n' bobs.

Some of them aren't in the greatest condition, but they all play mostly okay apart from surface crackling (one or two seem to jump at the end of the song for some reason :/).
I have a medium weight needle on my record player so I think they'd be fine with a heavyweight needle (or what I used to to was put a 10p coin on the top of the needle).
None of the scratches are really deep or affect the whole record.

Because they're not in perfect condition, they're probably not worth much to the hardcore collectors even though some of them are utter classics like My Generation and Pinball Wizard.

They could even be used for crafting purposes, I've seen people make stuff from vinyl before on TSUK. With these you could craft with classics!

Anyway, if anyone's interested let me know.
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(no subject)

 anyone got any of these?

1. Public Enemy - nation of millions
2. reverend and the makers album
3. The Like album
4. weezer stuff
5. maximo park - a certain trigger
6. maximo park or jimmy eat world t-shirts
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new moderator!

please welcome

curiousbadgeras your new moderator!

i'm still going to be around, but now i'm a mod on tsuk, i don't really want to have to worry too much about this comm

if you have any changes you'd like to see, then Miriam is now the person to ask

the email remains the same - ukmusictrades@googlemail.com

thanks everyone


(no subject)

Looking for any albums/eps/possibly singles by the Divine Comedy.

I already have Liberation and Cassanova (the latter I may still buy if cheap enough as my copy is a battered 2nd hand one) but please show me whatever else you might have for sale and let me know a price ;)

Anything by the Auteurs/Luke Haines/Black Box Recorder would also be good actually, but I should warn you I have a fair bit of stuff already...

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some new, some reposts

 This is a mammoth list, with more to follow. Ask for prices, although i doubt there'll be anything more than a fiver, and i'll do deals for more than one. Prices will be based on Amazon prices, not what i think they should be. I won't be listing these anywhere else, what doesn't sell here is going on Amazon.

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